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5 advantages of handwritten mail

By Handwritten Letters, Jan 25 2016 11:39AM

Printed direct mail has long been a tried and tested part of the marketing mix.

Despite the fact that its reputation has been damaged over the years by the over-enthusiastic use of mass marketing campaigns, plus its demise due to the rise of low-cost, click-of-a-button email campaigns, direct mail is once again making a comeback.*

And, with the current move towards more meaningful, one-to-one, bespoke marketing, there is one form of highly personalised mail, some may argue the original form, that is also seeing a revival.

The handwritten letter, thank you note, invitation or other form of handwritten communication may be considered by some in this digital age to be old-fashioned and low-tech. However, that is precisely why it is re-gaining popularity, as companies strive to convey thoughtful values, trust, integrity and luxury, in order to evoke an emotional response.

The beauty of handwritten direct mail, as opposed to printed items, is that each piece really can be individually tailored to the recipient. The message, length and even the stationery it is written on can be chosen specifically for the individual recipient, adding an extra level of personalisation and conveying a luxury feel.

Handwritten mail pieces can be used to test response rates and fine-tuned on an individual basis, which can be expensive or unachievable when compared to testing ordinary printed items.

A handwritten communication may not be appropriate in all circumstances, and, as with all direct mail, if the message is wrong, your recipient data incorrect or the timing inappropriate, then it will be wasted.

If used in a creative and thoughtful way though, handwritten items can be very effective, for example when used to make introductions, as a sincere thank-you or as part of an ongoing customer relationship building programme.

Research shows that 57% of people already say that mail makes them feel more valued, compared with only 17% saying the same about email. ** Handwritten mail, when used correctly, could add to the modern marketing mix an even more powerful way to make customers feel special.

The 5 advantages of handwritten mail items:

1. You don’t have to order large quantities. You can produce just one and then make adjustments for additional items as required.

2. Every handwritten item can be different and personalised for the individual recipient. Although it is possible to personalise printed direct mail pieces, giving the feeling they are one-to-one, there is usually some degree of uniformity and content common to all pieces.

3. You can test and refine your message and design, as often as you like.

4. You can produce a very high quality, bespoke item on demand, rather than having to order large quantities that end up being stored, or even going to waste.

Finally, and most importantly:

5. A handwritten mail piece is created by hand. The recipient will know and appreciate that someone has taken the time and trouble to individually hand write and send them a unique, original piece of communication.




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