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Build customer relationships with handwritten thank you messages

By Handwritten Letters, Jul 29 2015 01:52PM

One of the keys to building a successful business is to build long lasting relationships with customers.

Taking extra care of customers and paying attention to detail is all part of the relationship building process and one way of doing this is to send thoughtful handwritten thank you messages.

Top business people, celebrities and politicians know that in the cluttered digital age, making the effort to hand write a thank you card, put it in a handwritten envelope, attach a stamp and post it, expresses gratitude and evokes an emotional response in ways that an email never can.

5 tips for writing impactful handwritten messages:

Keep it stylish

Use a simple thank you card or blank card that is high quality and feels substantial when taken out of the envelope. High quality card or paper will help to convey a quality image for your business.

Keep it simple

The message doesn’t have to be too long, it is the thought that counts. Choose your words carefully and don’t over-complicate the message.

Be memorable

To add the extra ‘wow’ factor to your handwritten message, why not include a small gift such as a voucher or product sample?

Add a business card

You don’t need to clutter up your handwritten card by repeating your business name and contact details. If you want to include this information just include a (high quality) business card.

Build relationships

Don’t just communicate business messages. Why not delight customers and send handwritten greetings cards on anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or at significant milestones during a project?

It really doesn’t take time out of your busy schedule if you opt to use a handwriting message service, and the potential rewards invariably outweigh the cost.

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