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Combine the strengths of snail mail and digital for personalised communications

By Handwritten Letters, Aug 19 2015 10:05AM

Research from the Royal Mail shows that nowadays people expect communications to be ‘personal, relevant, timely and useful’. I suspect that they always did, but the advent of cheap email mass marketing technology made a lot of marketers forget this.

Email and traditional snail mail both have their strengths when used properly. Email is great for simple updates and everyday messages while snail mail is seen as more authoritative.

According to the research, consumers prefer to receive certain types of communication by post, for example financial services information, local authority news and travel brochures. The research also found that if you want people to think about your messages, you should use post, while if it is a quick update, email is fine.

The figures show that:

• 72% of people say they open all of their post.

• 56% say they are likely to spend time reading mail compared to 27% reading their email.

Postal mail has a tactile quality. When executed well, for example using high quality or unusual paper and envelopes, maybe combined with a handwritten or personalised message, it can convey reliability and show that you’ve put extra care and thought into it.

• 57% of people say that mail makes them feel more valued, while only 17% say that about email.

• 61% say that mail gives a better impression, while only 45% say that about email.

The key for businesses trying to communicate with new and existing customers is to use a combination of mail, email and digital to deliver personal, relevant, timely communications, using the most appropriate media for the message.



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