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Handwritten notes convey exclusivity

By Handwritten Letters, Sep 2 2015 11:53AM

Luxury and heritage brands are leading a new approach to good old fashioned values and etiquette, with the use of handwritten notes.

Writing on luxurysociety.com Jonathan Ford of @pearlfisherlive writes that luxury has now ‘become democratised and available to the masses’.

This means that luxury brands need to offer a more highly personalised service to assert their exclusivity. The article cites a survey by BCG which claims that 51 per cent of US luxury consumers are now looking for ‘enriched experiences’ over product. For example, Selfridges now offers customers the opportunity to develop their own personalised fragrances and hotels provide uniquely tailored individual holidays.

@shaminabaspr on luxurydaily.com argues that luxury brands finding it difficult to stand out in a fast paced marketplace can attract affluent customers by offering ‘exclusivity, personal attention and bespoke experiences' and that “Through the resurrection of handwritten notes, luxury brands are demonstrating these sought-after values.”

Customers appreciate the personal touch and the new generation of mindful brands and existing heritage brands such as Mont Blanc, Fortnum and Mason, Hermes and Veuve Clicquot are using the traditional nostalgia of handwritten communications to convey this exclusivity and personal attention.

Fashion and beauty brands are also delighting customers with personal notes and helping to develop brand loyalty.

A handwritten thank you note, introductory letter or invitation to a launch takes time to produce. Each one has to be handwritten individually, placed in the envelope, hand addressed and the stamp affixed. The messages can be uniquely personalised to the individual, rather than just the token effort of inserting a name at specific points in a mass mail. They are not produced as a one off template and sent out en masse to join the queue in a crowded inbox.

Handwritten communications usually cost more, and can take longer to produce than emails or simple printed letters. But the very fact that a brand has taken the time to think about and hand write a note in today’s fast-paced era, has a ‘cultural significance’ that is perfectly in tune with luxury and heritage brand cultures.

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