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The power of handwritten communication

By Handwritten Letters, Jul 3 2015 10:27AM

In this digital age of instant communication, you would think that the handwritten word would be in decline.

There are however, an increasing number of people who are finding that a handwritten letter or note can have a powerful impact.

Carla Turchetti writing on the American Express small business forum explains that 'some small business owners swear by the power of the handwritten message'.

While Alena Hall in the Huffington Post argues that communicating by hand creates timeless memories, shows how much you care, sparks creativity and honors tradition.

Kristian Schwartz, also in the Huffington Post says that: 'the handwritten note is my go-to. Why? Because the pen is mightier than the mouse and is the most authentic way to thank someone in our current era of digital flotsam and jetsam.'

An article in the Globe leadership lab suggests that writing a personal note comes across as more thoughtful and is more likely to help you stand out and be remembered than a fleeting text or email.

Of course most of us don't have the time to handwrite communications on a regular basis. Which is why in the US, they have invented handwriting robots to simulate the handwritten word, and deliver it on a mass scale.

If you'd like to make your communications more personal, but still prefer the human touch, you can always ask us to handwrite your letters for you.

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